The Organic Planet

About Organic Planet

Organic farming has a very good potential to grow because people nowadays are willing to have organic products. Organic products are actually grown without using fertilizers, manmade pesticides, and other growth treatments for plants. We are committed to service, sanctity and integrity, and to operating an ethical and sustainable business that harms none and benefits all.


Organic food is finding an increasing numbers of followers and the interest in Nepali organic food is growing stronger by the day so that the Organic is the way to go.


We are involving to promote the organic farm especially at Himalayas and hilly areas in Nepal.


The Organic Planet was founded in 2012 with the aim of not only growing chemical free food but also of creating public awareness about the benefits of organic food. The Organic Planet is supported by Japanese friends Dr. Idio San, Mr. Kitazawa San, Mr. Raju Tamang san, Mrs.Aiko San.


The organic Planet works in partnership with local farmers and provides them a self sustainable approach to farming besides secure markets. Top also serves as an information center where farmers, students and researchers can come and make use of the available resources. The products are sold in different parts of the Country within Nepal and as well as through department stores and other retailers. Most of the products are grown in mountainous places above 2500 meter and whatever the products grown at high altitude contain less fat (like herbal) than those grown in warm regions.